Palabra Cadabra

Unipersonal de Narración Oral

a cargo de Rubén Martínez Santana

            Can words be broken? Can the alphabet be considered a poem? How many words fit into a single word? Can we understand them though they be spoken in another language? What is the first thing we imagine when we hear the word “cadabra”?

            Palabra Cadabra is a performance in which the spoken word is the protagonist of the stories that it itself tells. It is the word looking in a mirror. Or listening to its echo. In each story, words appear to inflate in the air until they blow up, or become extremely elongated and thin to filter into our ears.

                      They are stories told and sung by the author, who is amusing himself with the spoken word (and its unspoken facets), thanks to which we may understand, by the end, the meaning of the word “cadabra.”


Català - Castellano - Euskera



Título: Palabra Cadabra
Idioma: Castellano
Autor: Rubén Martínez Santana
Intérprete: Rubén Martínez Santana
País de Origen: Venezuela
Género: Unipersonal de narración oral
Público: Adulto
Duración: 65 min. (aprox.)
Contacto: móvil 626.46.59.82

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